Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?

I have a 1984 Ford F-150 truck with a 302 V8 engine in it. 5.0L.

Anyway, how do I know if i need new spark plugs? I changed the distributor cap and rotor pin because they were all messed up but the sparks and wires i am not sure about. I have the plugs now but I dont want to change them if they dont need it. What will the truck do if the sparks in it are bad?What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
it will be kind of hard to start,and will run a little sluggish,it may also loose power a lot,and not like going over hills real good,it will run weak all the time,usually when an engine is right they start up real fast,and run extremely good,id at least check the plugs in it to see if they was gaped right,if the gap gets too large in them they will use a lot more gas,good luck on it.What are the symptoms of sparkplugs going bad?
Hi raven,

Just take out the spark plug and see the condition and follwow the link..which will give out a good idea about the aprk oplug condition.To check a sparkplug and wire condition just pull out a Splug and connected to the connetor and get it touch with a earth like engine block or any unpainted nut and ask your helper to crank the engine ,the sparkplug should give out a blue spark.if it is yellow the parkplug may be bad.

In your case since it is a 1984 vehicle you better change the spark plug wires and spark plugs..which will make a complete tuned vehicle.All the best.



Change them now. You have already done 1/3 of a tune up already. You may find them to look bad when you remove them.

Rough running and bad gas mileage and horse power lose are some symptoms.
Misfire (miss), poor performance, bad gas mileage, black smoke on occasions... But for a ford owner, none of this is new.
they should look pretty clean, normal. not worn, melted, electrode or any part of the plug dammaged. but most cars will have a carbon deposits on them.
It's not that difficult, go ahead and do it one day when you are bored.
change them every 10-15 k miles regardless . You could pull one out and look at it . Usual symptoms could be rough idle, poor gas mileage , poor acceleration ,and poor throttle response .etc
Put the new spark plugs in the truck if you have them already, you may need wires too. Usually when you have problems with spark plugs or any other part of the electrical firing system, the car will lose power when put under a load ( going up hill, etc. )
If they have been in for more than 10000 kms just change em with your leads.You will find it will run better and get a little bit better fuel milage.......But if you wanna check em,pull the plugs out one by one and see if they have a correct gap between the tip and the diode...Normally there is a plate under the bonnet specifieng the gap...Check to make sure the plug sint melted or all black.It should be a greyish brownish colour.

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